Who We Are

3stripe Management is an innovative full-service property management company located along the banks of Seattle’s Nickerson Ship Canal. We are Property Managers, specialists in the management of residential communities (community associations), retail, commercial, office, industrial and mixed-use developments.

Never Satisfied With the Status Quo

We are focused on efficiency and innovation. We believe in standardization (Consistency), freedom of information (Transparency) and Integrity. As a veteran-owned and-operated business, we are committed to these core values,and strive to ensure they are present in everything we do.

Redefining the Way Properties are Managed

Above all else, 3stripe is the advocate for your property. We go the extra mile; lead where the rest follow; do things not because they are easy but because they are hard. On behalf of the property or Association, the owner(s) and the building(s): our mission is to protect your investment.


Contact Us

If yo u would like more information to see how 3stripe management can benefit your property, please call, write, or send an e-mail.

Phone: (206) 686.2026

3Stripe Management
PO Box 300321
Seattle, WA 98103

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