First and foremost, 3stripe Management believes that systems can and should be utilized to keep both owners and tenants well informed. We maintain an active presence on social-media as an open bridge to your community. Our full-service properties have been especially pleased with our utilization of electronic communication as an ecological system to distribute notices and announcements, to organize events and to nurture an inclusive community.

With Community Associations (Condominiums and HOAs), 3stripe Management can serve as on objective intermediary for the Association to express concerns and resolve disputes. Our expertise is available to the Board to resolve challenges ranging from organization to Parliamentary Procedures. Our representatives are also available to develop and maintain the presence of your property on Social Media.

“Transparency is more than a word: It’s the only way we do business.”

3stripe Management provides every Property with access to; a 24/7 online portal for immediate access to documentation, discussion groups and vital information. Buildium also saves money and trees by reducing the bulk of mandatory postage needed to keep tenants informed and the number of copies that end up in recycle bins.