Simply put: 3stripe Management will administer the finances of your property. We collect dues (or rents), pay bills and keep track of expenses on each of your accounts (both payable and receivables). A single monthly report will be issued to replace the pages of documents that are normally used to record income and expenditures.

As in business, the financial health of your property has a direct impact on every other element of its operation. You can depend on 3stripe to develop operating budgets, determine assessment and rent increases while we assist you to maintain the adequate reserves to mitigate the shock of unexpected expenses.

Ultimately, your property manager is the caregiver of your investment. The unyielding commitment to honesty, integrity and transparency from 3stripe provides our clients with peace of mind in every economic condition. Our online service, allows residents and owners to pay their rents or dues online with instantaneous financial information available around the clock seven days a week.

Our belief in Transparency and Integrity are so important that 3stripe Management will pay for our client’s access to The online service is provided at no cost to our full-service clients.