Our top priority for safeguarding your investment starts by maintaining your property to the high standard established by 3stripe Management. From roofs to drains, windows to lights, doors and siding; while we believe that every property is unique (and may have different maintenance requirements); the process to maintain those aspects are not.

To this end, 3stripe Management has developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to address every aspect of your property. We begin with a uniform Key and Access Control Program, followed by a customized Incident Response Plan and an individualized Maintenance Program (and schedule) to manage all the unique elements of your property.

Consistency is apparent in everything we do. 3stripe Management has developed a proprietary Project Coordination system that allows us to cut project lead-times while it ensures comparable bids from a short list of quality vendors.

The ‘Task’ system built into Buildium features a one-time checklist for legal issues and scheduled improvements as well as timetables and schedules for routine maintenance such as gutter cleaning and window washing. We are so enthralled with the online tool, Buildium is provided to our clients at no extra charge.

As a veteran owned and operated business, 3stripe Management puts Integrity above all else. We have identified our own list of preferred vendors with track records that match our requirements for both quality and integrity.

Our criteria are fairly simple: Provide the quality of services at the price quoted and then communicate those standards to all parties involved. Property maintenance can sometimes require changes that that need to be adopted and implemented while working toward application. We believe success and failure are determined by how contractors respond and communicate these fluctuations.

Our philosophy is simple: “Adapt ,Overcome and (most importantly) Communicate.”