Insurance is often one of the Property’s largest expenses. A comprehensive understanding of insurance policies and necessary coverage can have drastic consequences on a Property. At 3stripe Management we pride ourselves on making the right recommendation by working exclusively with Agents who specialize in Commercial Property, Community Association, and Comprehensive Business Liability Insurances. As the lead defender of your investment, the staff at 3stripe will review your governing documents to ensure your Association (or Property) is properly insured with a policy that covers the unique amenities of your property.

In the event of an Emergency that requires an Insurance Claim, the staff at 3stripe Management can help administer the claim on behalf of the Association or Owner. Our Incident Response Plan ensures you can expect an appropriate, uniform response: 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year.

The Reserve Study (Building Condition Assessment) is the most valuable financial-planning document in the Property Management Tool Box. At 3stripe Management, we have reviewed and assisted in the preparation of hundreds of Reserve Studies. As managers of condominiums who value long-term relationships, we recognize the importance of accuracy and demand attention to detail. 3stripe Management will play an active role in the production of an accurate, reliable Reserve Study at no additional cost to the Property. This is another example of our commitment to Consistency.